They know you, they want you. Monetize!

They know you, they want you. Monetize! is a social platform to discover monetization opportunities you didn’t know existed. It encourages you to think beyond your usual routine and explore a wider range of skills or knowledge that you can offer to your fans, followers, or clients. allows you to earn money online by talking to people over a video call. It’s easy and FREE to get started!

Explore various avenues, like paid consultations, webinars, online courses, and fan meetings. Almost anything that people might be willing to pay you for!

  • If you know how to make something - earn money by sharing your knowledge with people.
  • If you have followers on social media - some of them might be willing to pay you for a private conversation or performance.
  • If a client wants to utilize your skills - Distancer makes it easy to agree on compensation and ensure timely payments.

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How it works

You don’t have to install anything on your phone or computer - just navigate to in your browser - and create an account. Enter a description of whatever you have to offer, and set time when you are available for a video meeting on Distancer.

Now you can distribute invitations to your followers, clients, or students. They will browse your availability calendar, request a meeting, and provide a payment. Distancer will hold the money until the meeting is over, and then will send payout to your US bank account. (see our Terms and Conditions) uses powerful software and cloud-based infrastructure to ensure great video quality, instant chat, and screen sharing - enabling you to conduct profitable online business!

Monetize your conversations with fans, clients, or anyone in your contacts!