How do I get paid?

How do I get paid? can transfer money only to a verified bank account in the United States. Be ready to provide supporting documents.

Payments processing

Your clients provide payment information when they request a meeting with you. charges their credit card when you approve the meeting request. After that we hold the funds until the meeting completes, and we have enough data to calculate exact payout and applicable fees.

When everything is calculated (and potential disputes are resolved), you will see the payout amount in your Banking Dashboard. After that it takes about two business days to transfer money to your US bank account.

Verification of your bank account

Before you can get the money, your bank account ownership must be verified, in a process called KYC or “Know Your Customer”.

KYC is a due diligence process financial companies use to verify customer identity, assess and monitor customer risk. It’s also a legal requirement to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws.

To meet KYC requirements and be able to receive the money, you must provide proof of your identity and address, such as ID card verification, face verification, and/or document verification.

Exact verification requirements depend on the business type of your account, whether it represents an individual, company, non-profit, or a government entity.

To complete the process just follow instructions on the Banking Info page which you can access from your Account Dashboard.