How to start

How to start

Four simple steps will allow you to start your online business on

  • Sign Up for the account
  • Configure your profile - name and picture
  • Describe your offer - what you do and how much you charge
  • Mark available time in your calendar

And it’s all FREE, no credit card or payments of any kind required! helps you collect payments from your clients, ensures that the schedule is maintained, that everyone is following the rules, and that you get paid on time.

How it works


You tell your followers, clients, or whoever wants to listen, that you can offer something to them using Distancer video call.

It’s up to you to decide what kind of service to offer. For example, you can provide professional consultation to your clients, answer questions from your fans, or teach a class about whatever you are good at.

Once you describe your offer in, you’ll manage the schedule by marking some time slots available in your calendar. That will allow your clients to request a meeting with you, and provide payments for your service.

For every offer you’ll have a invitation link, which you can share on your website, social media, or whatever channel you can use to communicate to your followers.

After everything goes as scheduled, and you successfully complete the video meeting, we’ll transfer funds to your US bank account. (see our Terms and Conditions)

It’s important to note that monetizing your skills should be done ethically and responsibly, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. You should provide value to your paying clients and make sure you are delivering on your promises.