What can I monetize?

What can I monetize?

Tell your followers, clients, or whoever wants to listen, that you can talk to them over the Internet using Distancer.me video call.

There are many ways to entertain or educate people online, depending on your skills, interests, and the audience you want to engage with.

Here are some ideas:

  • Online classes: You can teach people new skills, such as drawing, painting, writing, or programming.
  • Professional consultation: If your former employer suddenly needs your help, or a client wants to use some of your skills.
  • Cooking demonstrations: You can share your favorite recipes and cooking techniques with your audience, or host a virtual cooking competition.
  • Live concert: You can stream yourself performing music, doing a stand-up comedy routine, playing games, or just chatting with your audience.
  • Virtual tours: You can take people on virtual tours of interesting places around the world, such as museums, landmarks, and natural wonders.
  • Trivia contests: You can host online trivia contests with questions on various topics, such as history, science, pop culture, or sports.
  • Storytelling: You can tell stories, read books, or recite poetry to your audience.
  • Q&A sessions: You can answer questions from your audience on any topic, from personal advice to current events.
  • DIY tutorials: You can share your DIY projects, such as crafts, home improvement, or gardening.
  • Talent shows: You can host virtual talent shows and showcase the talents of your followers or friends.


To be successful

Establish a professional online presence: Make sure you have a professional website that outlines your expertise and services. You should also have a social media presence that reflects your professional image.

Remember, the key to successful communications over the internet is to be engaging, interactive, and authentic. Listen to your audience, respond to their comments and feedback, and have fun!

While you are busy talking to your clients:

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